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FindStr Frontend

FindStr Frontend is a simple user interface for the Windows FindStr command. It provides an easy way to select your search options and view results in a formatted list. It is open source and available on GitHub.



It's no secret that Windows Search kind of sucks. Sometimes you just need to do an on-demand, non-cached search inside a set of files. In GNU-land, the go-to tool is grep, and fortunately we have the Windows equivalent in findstr.exe. While nearly as powerful, I always struggle to remember the command line parameters to make it work. Then, even once I've navigated that, parsing the results can be a pain. So my solution was to throw together a quick-and-dirty UI, and this is the result.

I decided to open-source the tool in case anyone else decided they found it useful. Over the years, I've added a few features, like the CSV export and a right-click context menu. I use this surprisingly often and add new quality-of-life features now and then.



Download FindStr Frontend